The JSG Pilot Programme has been finished according to plan by 30.06.2020. The presentation to the RU/IM Steering Committee on 02.07.2020 about the final report can be downloaded here.

The main achievements are listed hereafter.

The concept of New Identifiers (TrainID) as specified in TAF and TAP TSIs is fit for purpose:

  • It is proven that the new identifiers structure developed by the sector for TAF/TAP TSI is usable.
  • The new identifiers and their composite structure are harmonized in TAF/TAP TSI implementation.
  • The End-To-End tests have shown that the identifiers
    • can be carried with the proposed message structure and
    • identifiers can be taken over and processed by both centralized (PCS, TIS) and domestic applications.

The implementation process for the function of Short Term Path Request (STPR) is validated:

  • Proof of concept: The Short Term Path Request process as developed by the sector for TAF/TAP TSI is usable
  • The basic steps of the process were thoroughly tested.
  • Errors have been detected; new releases have been implemented.
  • The RNE PCS system was used as the “backbone” system supporting fully the process.

The JS Movie ‘Joint Sector Pilot for TAF/TAP TSI Short Term Path Request and Train ID’ kindly presented by RNE provides more background information about the subject and explains the results in detail. Please have a look to the video here.