The JSG coordinates the collation of regular TAF TSI Implementation Reports. Participants are invited by E-mail giving direct access to the questionnaire.

The upcoming 5th reporting session is planned for Q1 2017. As agreed with EUAR the JSG Reporting Tool will be open for data input from 02 January 2017 until 27 January 2017.


The questions in this questionnaire are context dependant. At first you will have to provide general information:

  • Company information

Depending on your type of company, you will only have to answer relevant TAF functions accordingly.

This report contains seven question groups related to the current implementation of the TAF TSI functions:

  • Primary Location Codes (PLC) – IMs only
  • Company Code (CC)
  • all companies Common Interface (CI)
  • all companies Train Running Information (TRI) – IMs and RUs-F Train
  • Composition Message (TCM) – RUs-F Wagon
  • InterModal unit Operational database (WIMO) – RUs-F only
  • Rolling Stock Reference Database (RSRD) – WKs only

Questions and answers for every TAF TSI function (question group) are context specific.

The questionnaire can be downloaded here.

Weekly reports about participation in the 5th reporting session per Member State are published hereafter:

– 8 companies have responded until 06.01.2017

12 companies have responded until 13.01.2017

28 companies have responded until 20.01.2017

51 companies have responded until 24.01.2017

93 companies have responded until 26.01.2017

109 companies have responded until 27.01.2017 (end of survey)