TAF and TAP TSIs contain in the area of RU/IM Telematics functions for planning and operation of trains. In order to structure and organise processes the concept of new identifiers (TrainID) has been created. Among the TSI functions, especially the function of Short Term Path Request (STPR) and the concept of identifiers are complicated to be implemented.

The JSG Pilot Programme shall serve for

  • lowering the risk of the implementation failure of master plan functions, mainly STPR and TrainID
  • facilitating the implementation process sharing questions and solutions/ recommendations between the companies
  • testing interoperability with the framework of TAF/TAP TSI for STPR, TrainID and operation
  • testing the identification of the TAF/TAP TSI objects such as train, path and path request within the framework
  • better harmonisation between stakeholders
  • case study for the implementation of master plan functions

The JSG Pilot Programme governance shall guarantee a high degree of freedom in project organisation to the participating companies. It shall ensure a neutral project structure and shall enable individual financial facilities. It´s the idea to have an overall programme managing a certain number of projects.

Scope of the JSG Pilot Programme is to

  • implement the information flow cycle from train and path planning (STPR) to train running and operation with the framework of TAF/TAP TSI
  • show that the identification of the trains and paths (TrainID, PathID, etc.) works properly in the whole cycle from planning to operation within the framework of TAF/TAP TSI
  • execute predefined test cases as a proof of concept

If the JSG Pilot Programme implicates a need of an adaptation of the TAF/TAP TSI regulation, the Change request shall be reported to JSG for further action.