The Governance Structure as shown on the diagram below shall allow coordinating the execution of the JSG Pilot Programme. It is structured in JSG Pilot Programme and a certain number of Projects. Entities of the JSG Pilot Programme are:

  • JSG Pilot Programme Steering Group, hereafter referred to as Steering Group
  • JSG Pilot Programme Manager, hereafter referred to as Programme Manager
  • JSG Pilot Programme Coordinators for IMs and RUs
  • JSG Pilot Programme Group Test Conditions, hereafter referred to as Test Conditions
  • JSG Pilot Programme Group Impact Assessment, hereafter referred to as Impact Assessment
  • JSG Pilot Programme Group Financial and Funding Consulting, hereafter referred to as Financial and Funding ConsultingProject entities are managed by the testing companies.
  • In order to coordinate the exchange between all testing companies and the Programme entities, a Project Exchange Meeting shall be held regularly as described in this document.
  • Programme Sponsor is the JSG. Progress of the JSG Pilot Programme will regularly be reported to the JSG in order to inform all sector associations directly.

The actual governance structure is described in detail in the ‘JSG Pilot Programme Governance Document, Version 1.0. It has been approved at the JSG meeting on 19th April 2017 and is attached here.