The Joint Sector Group is the key central driver of the implementation. The Joint Sector Group consists of influential stakeholders from representative bodies and sector associations.

The JSG:

  • reports regularly to the SteCo;
  • approves the implementation report prepared by the IRG and makes it publicly available;
  • provides input into the CCM Process and is accountable for the validation and coordination of all CRs coming from the sector. It is responsible for reviewing all modifications to the regulation and evaluates the impact of the CRs on the implementation plan;
  • approves TEGs terms of reference and makes recommendation for lead;
  • approves the final release of the following documents:
    • RU/IM Sector Handbook,
    • RU/RU Sector Handbook,
    • Application Guide (technical document B.56) before transmission to ERA;
  • receives every second meeting a progress report about the activities of the TTR IT implementation and provide feedback on the basis of TEG evaluation
  • maintain the JSG website up to date
  • provides consistent information for stakeholders via the JSG website or other means of communications (e.g. Telematics Cluster);
  • may establish ad hoc working groups or subcommittees in order to address specific issues related to the implementation.

The JSG will comprise:

  • the Sector Chairperson of the Steering Committee;
  • the Chairperson and the Co-Chairperson of the JSG;
  • the Coordinator of the Coordination Technical Group (CTG);
  • the Chairman of the Sector Management Office;
  • the Chairperson of the CSG and a representative of the TSGA;
  • Identified representatives of the Representative Bodies, Sector Associations and Companies (e.g. Project Managers).

The decisions are taken by consensus.

The meeting calendar is coordinated with the responsibilities of the JSG.

Membership of the JSG as at 15.12.2021 is shown here.