The JSG coordinates the collation of regular TAF/TAP TSI Implementation Reports. Participants are invited by E-mail giving direct access to the questionnaire.

The JSG invitation letter is attached here.

The upcoming Reporting Session is planned for November/December 2021. The JSG Reporting Tool will be open for data input from 14 November 2022 until 9 December 2022.

‘EUSurvey’ is the tool used for the purpose of RU-IM Reporting. The ‘EUSurvey’-tool is supported by the European Commission’s ISA² programme, which promotes interoperability solutions for European public administrations. Thanks to the ERA and JSG initiative going further digital, the new reporting tool ‘EUSurvey’ enables answering the questionnaire on any digital devices such as smart phone, tablet or computer. You will be invited to participate by mail from

The 2022 TAF/TAP RU/IM questionnaire has been extended related to the use of alphanumeric Company Codes (CC) – questions 3.5 to 3.8. The TAF TSI requires from 01.01.2026 the use of alphanumerical Company Codes (CCs).

The complete questionnaire is available in English (-> word-file) and the following translations: [BG] български, [CS] čeština, [DE] deutsch, [EL] eλληνικά, [ES] español, [ET] eesti, [FI] suomi, [FR] français, [HR] hrvatski, [HU] magyar, [IT] italiano, [LV] lietuvių, [PL] polski, [PT] português, [RO] română, [SK] slovenský, [SL] slovenščina, [SV] svenska. The language can be selected on the right side of the questionnaire.

Weekly reports about participation in the 2022 Reporting Session are published hereafter: